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Shanghai Shimao Fortune Tower

The lobby design takes the space shaping as the first choice. It combines the elements of form, texture, light and shadow to give the space a stable atmosphere. Give up the redundant decoration and shape, and focus on showing the unity of indoor space and architectural space. The composition of lines and points with a hundred turns and thousands of turns forms a form with a sense of science and technology above the top. Shaping a kind of space modelling like rotation, from top layer to bottom, extending to the elevation and ground reflection, the whole and full of change.

The white elevator hall is extremely scientific and technological. Designers use aluminum plates, glass and artificial stones to bring together LED lights to create experience across time and space. The original ordinary white space, in the three-dimensional effect of lighting construction, presents rich and regular lines, which constitute a tunnel with sci-fi color.

The theme of the office floor integrates ecology, agility and pleasure, creating a fresh and beautiful office space. The modern luminous film lamp film at the entrance highlights the sense of technology and fashion, concise atmosphere, and full display of scientific and technological intelligence. The combination of the special shape sofa and the individuality modelling, the broad marble background wall, manifests the atmosphere modelling feeling and the very good comfortableness.

Developer | Shimao group
Completion | 2019
City | Shanghai
Type | Office