PROJECTS | Hospitality

Primus Hotel Sanya Pleasant Bay

The project is located in the core area of eastern Shandong, next to the Yula Avenue. 20 pure board overlooking sea apartments and 45 retreat Tai villa houses are embellished in scarce resources such as mountains, seas, lakes, mangroves, wetlands and so on. It also designed 18 hole international standard golf course, 1600 mu commercial district, 600 mu original ecological mangrove, super five star hotel, Shanghai famous university international bilingual school, yacht pier, water park and other high-end matching. After the opening of the red sand tunnel, a quarter of an hour of urban life circle has been formed. Within 15 minutes, there are many wonderful places such as Xiang, Wan Wan, Dadong sea and Lu Hui.

Located in a natural bay, the hotel used to be a natural fish pond. Considering the special climatic conditions in Sanya, a large number of spaces are open or semi open. Under this space condition, through the rational use of addition and subtraction, the related concepts of fishing villages are introduced, such as oars, masts and other elements, to create a relaxed and slightly amorous, virtual and real space atmosphere.

Developer | Greenland Group
Completion | 2018
City | Sanya
Type | Hospitality