PROJECTS | Sales Center

Greenland Center Exhibition Hall

As a new landmark in Wujiang, the exhibition center connects to several towers and to the street outdoors, forming a structural space with distinct character.
A water path leads to the inside of the building. The 20-meter high entrance hall and a few crystal butterflies, whose wings rise high into the air, enrich the drama of the space.

Walking through the entrance hall and into the reception area, the ceiling above appears as a 20-meter-long and 5-meter-wide sky, making for a journey that clears the mind.

The architects want to emphasize the living realm created by the unity of heaven and man when he is integrated with nature.

Rising up 20 meters high, the ceiling takes away every thought. Look up at the curtains that rise up, the ascent of the butterflies flying up into the sky. Listen to the murmuring of water in your ear and lean down to appreciate the water as it winds its way around the atrium. We imbue virtues into physical things, thus expressing our interpretation of Wujiang’s regional culture and the concept of city life in the future.

Developer | Greenland Group
Completion | 2014
City | Wujiang
Type | Sales Center