PROJECTS | Sales Center

Chengdu Rongqiao Yue Rongcheng Sales Center

Architecture: Light and color shuttle in different media, playing a slow shake of time. On the opposite side of light, art blossoms and presents in another form, carrying novel sensory experiences and whispering the secret words of time and space.

Reception area: Mao Bian reflection, has become tender and romantic. At the beginning of the lantern, the corridor bridge in the night becomes a flowing water palace, a circuitous River channel, a rippling water current. The sales console depicts the shape of the local bridge hole by metaphor and creates a ritual experience by simple design.

Building ladder leisure area: Reading is a kind of pure happiness, this state was said by Wu Yankang straightforwardly: “Reading is good health, planting trees blossom is also fate.” A good reader, a good mood of reading. We are not philosophers, we can see the world from a drop of water, and understand life from a flower, but we can be like Wu Yan Kang, quietly becoming a scholar, feeling life and happiness in a whole life.

Negotiation: negotiate the real scene of the District, the windows, the scenery, the books, the tea, and the corners.

Developer | Rongqiao
Completion | 2019
City | Chengdu
Type | Sales Center